Sunday, May 31, 2020

Day 77

 Yesterday we decided to try another moderate trail.  This one looked really interesting because it has all kinds of gorgeous huge rocks!
 There were a lot of creepy crawlers on this trail!
 The very beginning of the hike, the view was gorgeous!
 And there were some really pretty spots.
 As the hike went on it got a little confusing.  We apparently struggle with some of these trail maps and we got a little lost.

 After an ALL  up hill hike we found the rocks.  They were really awesome!

 We weren't really sure if this was our landmark but we took a picture here anyway lol.

 It was really amazing how the trees grew around the rocks!

 This also could have been our landmark too, we weren't really sure!  LOL

After getting lost twice and going two miles out of our way we were very happy to find the truck and enjoy our snacks!!!!

Although the rocks were soooo amazing, I have to say that we only gave this trail about a 5 out of 10.  The map was confusing, we got lost twice, the middle of the hike had tough terrain and the view was a little boring. We ended up hiking 6 miles and twice we had to back track. Obviously, this could all be our fault but nonetheless, all of these things took away from the hike a bit. Also, I think we missed a lot of really amazing looking rocks somehow!  We even talked about going back and cheating and just parking at the big rocks instead of hiking to them so that we could really enjoy them!  We all left a little defeated (and exhausted) yesterday.  Our next hike we are going crush it lol!

Saturday, May 30, 2020

Day 76

Yesterday I practiced some self care.  Whenever I start to get really grumpy or just feeling off I have noticed that it means that I need a little break and that I need some time to just veg out.
So I started my day with some coffee and reading in my favorite chair.
Then I went for a run and had a great workout.  After that I took a nice hot bath, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY!  I don't think that I have ever done that before and it was glorious!
Then I ended the night with some delicious wine and a great show!

Granted I did school work and some stuff around here too.  But I 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Day 75

Yesterday they came and put the awning up!  We are all super excited about this because now we can all sit and relax outside!  Claire LOVES to clean and organize things so she came out and helped me scrub down the furniture.  She is the best!

Day 74

I didn’t get any pictures on Day 73. I was crabby. I had a class google meet and they changed the meeting format so that was super stressful and that is pretty much how the whole day went. I spent 3 hours looking for this packet that I had sent home to the kids just to see how many pages it was. I finally emailed a wonderful parent who told me. These are just two examples of the ridiculously nonsensical junk that I deal with teaching from home. Just when I think I am all set and have a good flow stuff like this happens. This is not teaching and I just want to be back at school. I know it sounds sooo silly and trivial but I could go on and on with little things like this. Teaching is not a job that can be done remotely and it is exhausting to keep trying.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Day 73

It was another gorgeous day so we all got up early and got all of our schoolwork done early so we could head back to the beach!

 It was a perfect day spent social distancing, fishing, and relaxing at the beach!  The water was still FREEZING but it was a perfect day!  The beach is the best place to go to forget about the world!

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Day 72

 Yesterday the weather was amazing so we headed out to the beach for the first time this year!
 The kids loved catching frogs and playing in the sand.
 Oliver loved searching for different creatures!
 It was the perfect place to social distance and still feel normal!
 I love watching the kids play at the beach!
Since the kids were babies the beach has been our happy place.  They play so well there and it is the perfect place to relax and just enjoy life. Even a pandemic couldn't stop that!