Thursday, November 2, 2017

Happy Halloween!!!

Well another Halloween came and went!  Even though I am still sick (stupid pneumonia) we had a great Halloween.
Claire worked really hard to carve her pumpkin this year!
Oliver and Daddy worked hard on his pumpkin!
And I think they came out pretty great!
The kids' costumes were awesome this year!  Mostly because they could layer up underneath them and not have to cover up their costumes.  And this year they needed it!  It was FREEZING and wet.  I actually snowed quite a bit throughout the day but stopped before the kids went out to trick or treat.
The Cappellis joined us for our usual Halloween fun!
I did not join the gang to trick or treat (stupid pneumonia) but they suited up and had a blast!
Then of course there was the sorting of the candy!
Me and my Halloween buddy!
The girls couldn't wait to sort out their candy!
And Oliver just wanted to eat it all!
Finally it was time for bed!  Oliver wore his "Halloween Jammies".  He has been wearing these for the last few years.  He absolutely loves them (because they glow in the dark) and I think he is so adorable in them.  I always sing "The Ghost Of John" when he puts them on and tickle him like crazy (if you want to hear our silly little song, click  HERE), it is our little "thing" and I realized that this may be the last year for these jammies.  And once these jammies don't fit him anymore we probably won't sing our little song anymore!  So I had to get a picture of my little man in our favorite jammies!

Even if I didn't get to trick or treat it was another great Halloween!!  Now we move on to Thanksgiving!!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween Bash

So I have been sick, really sick.  I have pneumonia!!!  Which is so crazy!  But it has really been a big pain because I feel like I am missing so much while I am lying in bed trying to feel better.  One thing that I could not skip was the kids' Halloween Bash at their school.  Not only because I love going to this kind of stuff but also because this is Claire's LAST Halloween party before she heads off to middle school!  This year Claire dressed up as a big blue thing and Oliver dressed up as Eichel from the Sabres.
Claire's buddy Halle also dressed up as a big blow up thing!
Claire even got to meet Lorenzo Alexander from the Bills.  Poor guy was just trying to enjoy a night with his kids and all the kids were all over him.  He was so nice though! He took a picture with every kid who asked for it and he could not have been sweeter about it!!!
I am so glad that I sucked it up and went to the party.  Even though I felt pretty crummy by the end of it because I loved seeing my kids have so much fun with their friends!
Especially Claire since next year she will be a big middle schooler!!!!
And a huge thank you to Grandma for coming with me and helping me find Oliver every 20 minutes!

Friday, October 6, 2017


One of my favorite things in the world is getting the kids on the bus!!! I love our conversations while we wait for the bus! And I know that one day they won't be taking a bus anymore because they will be driving with friends or they will be all grown up and driving to college. Until then, I will cherish the days that I can get them on the bus and hear about how excited they are for 5th and 2nd grade!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


After a wonderful trip we hurried home to shower Kate and Matt with some amazing shower gifts!
 Claire was so excited to be a part of Auntie Kate's special day!
 We had so much fun opening all of the gifts!  The girls did their usual amazing job with the gifts!
 Uncle Porkchop!!!
The soon to be Mommy and Daddy!!!!

It was a beautiful shower!  I am so excited for baby Sammie to arrive!!!


We had a sad week last week.  My Nonny went to heaven after 92 great years!!!  We had originally planned to take a family trip to Washington D.C. but with everything going on we decided to take a trip that we a little closer to home.  After a bit of research we decided on the Poconos!!!!
After a long drive and great night's sleep (which included a beautiful dream about my Nonny) we headed out and about.  We found this amazing little place breakfast!
It was a little dated but the food was OUTSTANDING!
Then we headed to Bushkill Falls!

We had a blast!
Oliver was in heaven with this display.
My grown up girl!
My handsome guy!
Claire was all about the pictures!
She is growing up so fast that I can't even take it!
My hiking buddies!
Every inch of this place was gorgeous!
I managed to sneak into a few pictures!
Sometimes they really do love each other!
After the falls, we stopped at this super neat Native American Museum.
They had some amazing artifacts!
We all loved it!
Then of course the hotel pool is always a hit!
For dinner we went to this awesome little Irish Pub!
Sometimes during traveling you forget how to put your pants on the right way!!!
The next morning we headed to the town of Jim Thorpe and our first stop was Asa Packer's mansion! 
It was so beautiful and full of history!
After the mansion we went to an old haunted jail!
The jail was beyond creepy and soooo awesome!
This is where the Molly Macguires were hanged!  I can't believe that I never knew this story before!
The cells.
Solitary confinement.
The woman's section was a bit nicer.
At least it had a library.
The warden lived right in the jail with his family!
Who doesn't love a good shank!
The yard.
After the jail we stopped at the cutest little coffee shop called the Muggle's Mug!  
And the BEST greeting card store in the world!  They make all of the cards on site and they are all wildly inappropriate!
After a great day (and another quick dip in the hotel pool) we went to another delicious restaurant!
Who doesn't love a restaurant that you can get an amazing sandwich, sweet potato fries, amazing sushi, and a delicious merlot?!
Cheers to just chilling out together!
It is hard to tell but those are all bats!  The whole area was just a little creepy!  I LOVED IT!
After a good night's sleep we got up early and went to spend our last day at the Camelbeach Waterpark!
Even though it was a little chilly we had a blast!
I hate waterparks but I LOVE watching the kids have a blast!  We had so much fun on the water slides!
The park was at the bottom of a ski resort!  It was gorgeous!
Two cold wet cuties!
After we warmed up and got changed we had our final delicious dinner!
Cheers to the end of an amazing trip!
And then we all slept like rocks and headed home the next morning!

I always say that it doesn't matter where we go,  we always have a blast.  It was the perfect way to end the summer.  I love when it is just the four of us.  The kids get along so well and we all just relax.  My favorite part is all the talking.  The kids chat away about everything and we all make such amazing memories!